Daily Noodle is all about the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Visit the Church of the FSM for more information. 


The DN site is created and maintained by me, Noodly, who also draw these daily pictures. If you would like to use any of them, please feel free to ask me. Most of the time I will just say yes for non-commercial purposes.


I will make noodly doodle
to thank Flying Spaghetti Monster for giveing us our daily noodle


Noodly Apparel Project

  1. You give a daily noodle doodle lots of facebook likes and shares.
  2. I turn the popular designs into lots of actual t-shirts.
  3. I sell the t-shirts to you, or anyone who wants to buy them.
  4. I donate all of the profit to various charities, such as KIVA, under FSM team’s name, or other not-for-profit organisations listed here.
  5. You get the t-shirts, others in need get what they need, and hopefully we will all go to heaven and enjoy the beer. RAmen!



An occupational doodler by day, Noodly has committed many sinful acts by being engaged in the evil plan of world domination, until she was touched by His noodly appendage (in a perfectly appropriate manner), and given a mission to evangelise as her redemption.

some facts about Noodly:

  • is a Buddhist depending on the definition
  • is a Christian depending on the definition
  • is a Mormon depending on the definition
  • is a Pastafarian by any of the definitions above
  • is definitely NOT a Vegetarian – she loves chicken feet too much to give that up.
  • would rather drink ale than larger, and prefers Belgium beers, especially those made by monks



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  5. edd says:

    A daily noodle doodle? That’s ambitious. Great work so far!

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