Daily Noodle was created as partially a hobby, partially as an effort to support some organisations whose causes aligned with my interests.


Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Bobby Henderson, the founder who started it all, is still gathering support to build his missionary pirate ship (and maybe a Pastafarism Heaven theme park, with beer volcano and everything). You could chip in by getting some official FSM mechanise at their online store.


Kiva: Team FSM

KIVA is a non-profit organisation which does charity in a non-conventional way. You could read more on Wikipedia about how it operates.
The Church of the FSM has an official team registered with KIVA. The goal is to reach the #1 donating group in the religious category. I am part of it as I personally think it is a simple, yet constructive way to help people in need all around the world.


Science Friday

Science Friday is one of my favourite radio show/podcasts of all time. It helps educate the public and keep us updated with the latest scientific development in an approachable way.  Science Friday Initiative is their non-profitable partner which runs programmes aiming to improving science education. You could support both the show and the Initiative by making a donation on their website, or through sponsorship.


Sense About Science

A UK charity trust whose aim is to promote good science and evidence for the public, for topics ranging from alternative medicine, food additives, MMR Vaccines to climate and weather. What they do is especially important for the time that we are in, when the existence of internet, digital media and mobile devices allow us to be almost constantly exposed to massive amount of information,  misinformation and disinformation. You could support their work by making a donation through their JustGiving account.


The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe

Another podcast that I have subscribed to for years –  I do not always agree with what are said in the show, but that is probably because I am a Buddhist/Christian/Mormon by certain definition. Nevertheless, I enjoy the programme and support their effort.


Sense About Science
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