I am leaving for a three day holiday to Disneyland Paris. It has occurred to me that while I am chasing Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in the park, not much doodling could be done.

Therefore, I decided to make a FSM toy (sounds quite kinky) by recycling some shopping bag handles, buttons, and old socks.

The plan is to take it with me, so I could snap some photos of FSM touching Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, as proof of my missionary effort and His noodly outreach.


Couples of other things:

I have decided, with great pain in my heary, to lessen the frequency of noodly creation. As devoted as I would like to be, right now I am using my daily running hours to make doodles, and FSM would agree that it would be healthier if I maintain my running routine, while take longer to develop better quality artwork.

This will allow me time to move on to making some actual t-shirts, which is what I set out to make in the first place.

I might also turn the “For FSM’s Sake” picture into art prints. If you are interested, please leave a message so I could determine the order quantity.


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