Omamori (おまもり, 御守) are protective amulets in Japanese Shinto religion. They could be obtained from shrines or temples dedicated to various deities, and are supposed to ward off bad luck and keep the wearer safe.





To take part in the Japanese earthquake relief, Noodly is raising fund to donate to International Medical Corps through it’s UK partner.

And all you need to do is to “Like” and share this blog entry on Facebook.

For every 100 likes it receives, Noodly will add £100 to the fund, until it reaches its goal of £1000 .

This fundraising will end on 20th March, 2011, Sunday midnight.

Noodly has added £500 to the fund for a start. If the total donation reaches its target i.e. receives 500 likes before the deadline, Noodly will add another £500 to match.

Simply put, if this post get more than 500 likes within a week, that will be £1500 (approx. $2400) out of Noodly’s pocket to a reputable charity, without you paying anything yourself!

Isn’t that too good to be true? Well, Flying Spaghetti Monster can make anything possible. It’s magic.

So please help Japan, share the love, and may the peace of Flying Spaghetti Monster be upon you.

Visit Noodly’s Fundraising page to see the progress.


Update 14 March 15:58

Thanks everyone for the first 100 likes, and a special big thank you to Jennifer ちゃん, who generously contributed an additional £100 to the fund. Flying Spaghetti Monster be with you!

Update 15 March 19:44

Thanks the Spaghetti Viking and Maggie for contributing to the fund. Flying Spaghetti Monster bless!

Update 16 March 23:39

We have reached the 200-likes milestone! Thank you all for the support. Please keep it coming. We are almost half-way there!

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  1. Dude, can’t believe you spelled my name wrong. I want the birthday present back.

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